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Questionyou are literally such trash Answer

Because I believe in larry? Because I have a blog about it? Please tell me in any way how I condone trash on my tumblr, because as far as I’m concerned I blog about the truth.

harry + hand on hip

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QuestionWhat do you think are some of the cute little things Harry and Louis argue about? What about bigger things that keep coming up for them, any headcanons? Answer


Well, I don’t think they argue all that much to be honest, I think its more like long term relationship bickering if you will. Like ‘Lou, those towels are meant to be decorative’ or ‘No, that superhero statue will not be going in our living room’ or ‘H, I told you not to buy me the bloody gluten free cereal’ or ‘you said I was allowed to choose the playlist this time’. I mean we’ve seen them do this in interviews ‘you do talk some shit in interviews, what are you talking about’ and then there was the Nabisco promo where Louis does the classic annoyed spouse ‘eyebrow’ raise, his whole face screams ‘oh really?’

Obviously all couples fight, that is perfectly normal, I think the bigger things have probably been over Harry’s PR stunts, and not to say Louis is mad at Harry, but just made at the situation in general so he vents, and Harry listens. Or Louis leaves to blow off steam, so that he doesn’t take it out on Harry, though I can see him texting him ten minutes later ‘I’m not mad at you, I am mad at the situation. You I love.’

Whatever it may be, I bet the making up is spectacular



But you know what my absolute favorite thing about this is? They indulge him. Both Niall and Louis wait till he’s got the damn balloon animal down the stairs.

I always reblog this. Always

Favourite thing ever omg

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and i just


I can’t stop making this really nasty face because thinking about that literally makes me sick


you come into MY house, you call MY otp a BROMANCE

Niall liked this larry picture on Instagram, I went and checked myself. Honestly, it’s getting so reckless now. Everyone knows, others are just to blind to see the truth. If larry was such a “big deal”, Niall wouldn’t have liked the picture in the first place.

"I find my paradise when you look me in the eyes."

"I find my paradise when you look me in the eyes."




i really hate seeing children at gay rallies. in most cases, they don’t understand what they’re doing and what they’re promoting. i think most children are pressured into going to gay rallies by their parents and, therefore, pressured into believing in gay marriage. 

i really hate seeing children in churches. in most cases, they don’t understand what they’re doing and what they’re promoting. i think most children are pressured into going to churches by their parents and, therefore, pressured into believing in a magic man in the sky who will send them to hell if they touch themselves or eat shrimp.



*Higher tone*.

Is louis tomlinson flirting?

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I bet if u looked on Louis’ phone the twitter app wouldn’t even be installed

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QuestionYou larry shippers are ridiculous. Just because two people have similar tattoos, all of a sudden theyre in love. I have an identical tattoo to this random girl in my school, who i dont even know. Does that mean Im magically in love with her? No im not. It was just an accident and you guy's theory is ridiculous. please just stop Answer



Exactly you don’t know her. That’s the big difference.

Louis and Harry do. They’ve known each other now for almost 4 years, met each other through their journey of trying to live out their dreams and have matured into men who have accomplished things that many people can only imagine.

Their tattoos are no “accident”. They didn’t just magically wake up one day with a boat and a compass on their arms, and other matching tattoos all over. Whether you want to believe theyre romantically connected or not, that’s not my problem, but you cannot deny the fact that those boys are covered in ink that are connected in some way.

And you definitely cannot compare the fact that you and a random girl from your school have a similar tattoo, to two boys who have grown with one another now for the past 4 years, have been through things that none of us can even imagine and have MULTIPLE tattoos that cover their body, that reflect the others in some way.

That makes absolutely no sense and I think we both know that.

do you need some ice for that burn